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Staircase Rails

Our handrails are creatively designed to provide you and your family with the stability or support you need so you stay safe from any injurious falls that may occur while you move up and down your house or building. We also create bathroom handrails that help prevent falls on slippery, wet floors among others. We also craft custom rails ranging from commercial to residential to industrial.


We are an engineering firm specializing in product fabrication for residence and citizenship, and consider ourselves the all-important link between dreams and reality. We offer a bespoke service experience supported and sustained by long-term relationships.


What Makes Evance Welding & Fabrication Different?

Evance Welding & Fabrication is best defined by its integrity. We work side by side with our clients and partners, from choosing the right materials through to the completion of the product process and beyond. We have built and maintained an extensive network of partners and agents who are certified to promote our products and services and to whom we offer round-the-clock support. We simplify complexity to ensure a smooth fabrication process..